Music Trivia Question for theDay

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Music newsI am trying to create an official award logo for this series. I am having a blast finding these, then finding the videos to go with the answers. Having said that, I don’t want to wear out the fun so will be changing up a bit on the presentation. How?? I have no flipping idea. I’m sure I’ll have an epiphany at some point.

Tahni Handal

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new melodiesBefore we sampled the most recent work from Tahni Handal, and before we comment on what our feelings and thoughts are, it’s important to say: Austin is an amazing, fertile soil for musicians. Most people know this but many may not truly appreciate why it’s the leading city for live music, as well as the starting point for dozens of creativity singers and songwriters.
Good company for Tahni Handal!!


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classic instrumentsYes, as the band information states, this could be a possibility. Valencia, a Philadelphia group, produces sound similar to that of a handful of other young rock/indie groups. There is energetic drumming and buzzing guitar chord work. Vocals in this genre are either very good or rather average. Valencia manages to put vocals in the former category. An example of this is “The Space Between.”

The Finals

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Rock eventsOK, this ain’t The Finals, a rap effort that isn’t The Finals BAND!

“Extended Autumn” (Plan Your Getaway – 2006 Immortal Records) is something like a lot of young groups of the late 1990s and the first years of the new century.

Team Spirit Signs To VICE Records

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guitar musicVICE Records and Warner Bros are pleased to announce the recent signing of rock ‘n’ roll foursome Team Spirit. Founded by NYC’s own Ayad Al Adhamy. the band is set to shred at this year’s CMJ festival with five shows over the course of the fest. Following CMJ, Team Spirit will hit the road with White Denim and Maps & Atlases, bringing their sounds to fans in the Midwest on the Bonaroo365 Tour.

Nashville Pop

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Pop music todayNashville Pop - The emergence of Nashville country music and the greatest contributors.  Frankly, the selection process of whom to include in this list is tough, and as I get closer to the end of these lists the naggings suspicion that I have left someone out gets stronger. But, keeping in mind that we have to make sections, this chapter is offered a representative of the growing field of country pop as it was manifest from the late 1950s and so on.